How to Select the Right Badminton Accessories

The best way to enjoy badminton is when you have all the right accessories required for the sport. Some of the most important ones include racket, shuttlecocks, nets, shoes, and clothing. Read this post to know the right way of buying these accessories.

You don’t need anything more than rackets and shuttlecocks to enjoy a game of badminton. But if you’re serious about the sport, you’ll have to invest in the right accessories to help improve your performance and reduce badminton injuries even as a beginner.

Some of the essential accessories that every badminton player should consider buying are professional badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, nets, shoes, and clothing. If you’re planning to purchase these accessories, here are some tips to help you make the right decision-

  1. Badminton Rackets

The right badminton racket for you is the one that suits your playing experience and style. Some rackets are good for offence, and then there are others designed for better defence. If you only play occasionally or are a beginner, go with even balanced rackets. These rackets offer an excellent combination of control and attack shots.

If you are an intermediate or advanced player, you’ll have to get into the specifics like weight, shaft flexibility, grip, head, and balance point of the racket to make the right decision.

  1. Shuttlecock or Birdie

Once you’ve selected the right racket, the next on the list is the shuttlecock or birdie. Two of the most popular types of shuttlecocks are nylon and feather. Nylon shuttlecocks are known to be more durable as compared to feather ones and are cheaper. This makes them a better choice for someone who is just starting with badminton.

When you start getting better at the game, you can then think about investing in good quality feather shuttlecocks.

  1. Professional Shoes

You need a good grip on the court for playing badminton and badminton shoes are exclusively designed to deliver this grip. Select shoes that are light in weight but offer excellent cushioning for absorbing the impact when you land or jump.

Apart from improving your performance, the shoes also play a crucial role in protecting you from injuries.

  1. Badminton Attire

When playing badminton, it is essential to wear non-restrictive clothing. Your clothing should not restrict your movements in any way.

Players generally prefer shorts and dry-fit or cotton t-shirts as they allow more natural movement and take care of the sweat as well.

  1. Badminton Nets

Just like all the other accessories, you can also get many different types of badminton nets. There are leisure nets, competition nets, and easy nets. As compared to leisure and competition nets, easy nets are simpler to install and take down.

They are also an excellent option if you generally play badminton indoors. They usually come in a carrying case for easy travelling and storage.

Get Ready for your Next Match

If you don’t want to buy these accessories individually, there are also badminton set available in some sports shops. These sets generally include rackets, shuttlecocks, and badminton net. Such sets help you save time and are known to be affordable as well.

Irrespective of whether you go for these accessories individually or go for a set, keep the above-discussed points in mind to make the right buying decision. The accessories you select can significantly impact your performance, making it very important for you to spend some time on the buying process and select quality accessories.