How to View All NHL Games On NHL.Tv Without Blackouts and Restrictions

The Lightning took on the Jets in what was a top of the table clash of potential champions, and the game showed just that. One team had to win, and the Jets took home all the spoils. They had to fight for it though, much like the Canucks did when they battled Oilers too.

Such interesting game are still to be expected. The battle of the birds (Penguin vs Ducks) is sure to be a sight for sore eyes in the next round. So that you don’t miss any of these games on NHL.TV, we have bought up a viewing guide for you.

NHL.TV viewing problems

NHL TV can be said to be the best place for you to grab all your NHL action live. The platform is bettered in the way it works with just about any streaming/ viewing device to better the experience for you. We also love the way NHL is offered to different regions of the world.

However, that is not enough to rule out all the problems that come with it.

The very first issue that we have an aversion to are the game blackout restrictions. For everyone paying the premium for this service, they should not be treated to this kind of fate.

It is, however, surprising that the blackouts will occur anyways – especially if such a game is being played in your region.

The poor thing is that these NHL game blackouts are only restricted to the USA and Canadian markets. Those in other regions where the games are being offered don’t have to suffer such a fate.

Speaking of other regions, not everyone gets access to NHL TV. Let’s say you were living outside the blanket of officially supported countries, you won’t be able to enjoy the games. This not only affects enthusiasts, but residents of supported countries who might be travelling these unsupported countries at the time of the games.

How do you fix the problem?

We are happy to tell you that there is a fix, and it is as easy as grabbing a VPN.

What a VPN does is route your internet traffic through secure servers which are hosted in other countries/ cities of the world. Anytime you connect to any of these servers, your IP address changes to match that of the location you have connected to.

You could thus be in the Netherlands and watch NHL on content like you were in the US.

To do so, all you would have to do is:

  • Launch your preferred VPN app
  • Connect to a server location in the area where the NHL content is being distributed
  • Connect to from your preferred streaming device
  • Start enjoying the games

This allows you access from any and all locations in the world – especially where the games are not being shown.

However, the instructions here might not solve the issue of blackouts and game restrictions. We’ve got that covered in the five steps below:

  • Launch your VPN app again
  • Connect to a server location where the games are not being aired
  • Head over to the website and register for an account (if you don’t already have one)
  • Enter your login credentials (after registering or if you’ve got an active account) and start streaming.

Since the blackouts will be restricted to areas where the games are supposed to be aired in, the fix above works wonderfully for you.

Other reasons why you need a VPN

More than beating the geo-blocking and blackouts, you can also use a VPN to get better deals on your subscription.

Countries like Greece, Germany and Russia, for some, are known to have better deals than the others. You can check around other supported regions too for the best price.