How Your Women’s Basketball Shoes Should fit

Every female basketball player needs a comfortable and proper-fitting pair of women’s sports shoes. A perfect pair allows you to perform better while reducing your chance of injury. Picking the perfect pair of womens sports shoes isn’t difficult if the proper time is given to find the best pair. When it comes to finding a pair of womens basketball shoes that fit, the type of shoe chosen will depend on the type of player one is.


This type of basketball player needs a snug fit and traction as well as cushion. The right basketball shoe will allow you to change directly quickly with ease.

All-Around Player

This player need support, lockdown and traction. A power player does everything on the court, making it important to get a shoe that performs and is stable to reduce injury.


Comfort and cushion are important here as this type of basketball player rarely runs in straight lines. By finding a shoe with great traction, you can ensure your feet are protected throughout play.

Post Player

Post players back down their opponents and block shots. This means that they need the right shoe with a perfect fit for this aggressive game play. Support is especially important for this player so that they do not overextend their arch. Cushion also helps to protect the arch too.

Ultimately when you’re shopping for womens basketball shoes, learning how to properly shop for womens sports shoes that fit for your game play will ensure the most optimal performance, both on and off the court.