Sports Equipment Transportation

Boxes for sports equipment, or as they are sometimes known within professional sporting circles ‘Travel or Kit Skips’ offer professional teams the best solution for the transportation of all kit and equipment. This transportation can mean moving kit from training to your home ground, or over greater distances, and on the side of the field when visiting away teams for a sporting event.

A box for the storage and transportation of sporting kit and equipment plays a vital function in the life of a sports team. There are various roles that it can play, so let’s take a look at them.

Great Capacity – Depending on the sport being played there is plenty of sports kit and equipment that is needed with a professional, or semi-professional sports team. This is before you even consider medical supplies, as well as sports energy drinks for all participants, and food for both players and staff. It is important to be fully stocked in order to be ready for anything, and with large capacity sports boxes you can be prepared for the worst and ready to deliver your best.

Easy to Manoeuvre With lightweight properties, an aluminium sports equipment box is very easy to manoeuvre, even with a fully loaded crate of kit, equipment, drinks and everything else you need for the day. With stacking corners and castors available, you can stack multiple boxes for easy transportation.

Perfect Branding Opportunity – What you might not consider right away is that a sports equipment transportation box offers the chance for some extra branding. Your kit and team equipment is inside the box during transit, but this is a great chance for your team brand and colours to be shown during those times, and when the boxes are being carried to and from training and games, as well as on the exterior of the playing field where applicable.

Durable and Long-Lasting – Aluminium sports boxes are great as they offer durability and strength. Weather-proof surfaces are easy to maintain, with just a simple wipe-down cleaning the boxes after use. They are tough and can handle being thrown around and absorb any bumps along the way in the dressing room, against stadia walls and during transportation on the coach. Your storage boxes will last for many seasons to come.

Cost Effective – All of the above benefits ensure that over a longer period of time your sports team can save money. With lightweight aluminium ensuring lower costs of travel (through lower weight load for coach and air travel) and with long-lasting durability and maintenance ensuring the product lasts for a long time without the need for paying for replacements.

Sports equipment transportation might not be top of the list of sports teams at first glance, but they can make a huge difference to the logistics of running a successful team. Aluminium storage and transit boxes can hold kit, sports equipment, training gear, medical supplies and food and drink, ensuring that whether training at home, or going to an away game a distance away, your materials are safe, secure and your team is well-prepped and ready to perform!